I’m so inspired by you as you live and manage your lives, and I want to use this blog to share what you’re up to. Here’s our first story.

Only while you’re human can you surprise yourself and move to Portugal for a few months, all by yourself and for no reason other than want-to. Like Angie.

Angie is 40 and determined, as she says, to untame her wild. She has a growing coaching practice that permits her to work anywhere.

I met Angie a couple of years ago at a campfire at Camp GLP in upstate New York ( We had one of those inspiring conversations that can happen between two strangers, and we became good friends. In fact, I had a mentoring spot open and offered it to her. Most Fridays since then we’ve met on Zoom, and often in-between.

Two days ago Angie called from Portugal, crazy happy. The place lights her up and amazing people of intellect and creativity are mirroring her own brilliance back to her. She asked herself the other night, “What if I live here for three months?”

She couldn’t think of a reason not to, and after our call she left to rent an apartment.

It isn’t a lot of money that lets Angie do this; it is a lot of Yes to what’s possible.

She is designing a life she loves, filled with people and places raising her bar of normal to a height she thought was out of reach. What a thing to witness!

Angie and I will get on a call one of these days, and I’ll invite you to share some questions and curiosities.



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