Only While I’m Human is how I deliver things I and others make for you, share stories of humans like you living out their turn, and spill secrets people might forget to tell you about the forces at play.

One of the forces at play is the notion that if something doesn’t fly it’s a failure. The emerging culture of business seems to praise flops for their learning power, and I love that trend, yet we can still beat ourselves up for not measuring up.

Imagine you are walking with me down at Riverfront Park. We would pass the hand-carved carousel, stop to enjoy the batch of lively kids on the playground, and stroll the curved paths by the river. Then we would head toward the beautiful new pedestrian bridge that connects downtown with Minto Brown Park.

We would step onto the bridge and at some point you may notice a short bridge to nowhere that sits next to it.

You may ask, as I did, “What is that bridge for? It doesn’t go anywhere.”

I’d tell you what I was told, “It’s that bridge that made it possible to build this bridge.” The short bridge to nowhere was the platform used to build the bridge to somewhere.

The bridge-to-bridge example can help us manage the forces at play that dismiss what seems unimportant. Nothing is wasted. No dead end is dead. It all counts and everything can be used to build the next thing.

I’ve lived long enough, and built enough bridges to nowhere, to know one bridge helps build the next.

You can walk on it.



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