There are dreams we have while sleeping and there are dreams we hold while wide awake.

If we were having coffee back in March of 2016, I’m pretty sure I would have told you about a dream I had in my sleep that still held my attention.

The dream went like this:

I’m on the brink of being born.
In my excited little fist is a list of things I want to do while human.
And then it happens! With the velocity and thrill of a bobsled race, I begin my turn at being human.
Yikes! Whoa! Hold on!
I fill with Absolute Joy.
Up to my left is a big clock, ticking.
I know the clock will stop at some point because it’s part of the game, but I don’t focus on it.
Then, rapidfire, scene after scene flashes by of things we can do only while we’re human. Walking, running, laughing, loving, playing catch, eating, sailing, crying, kissing, making things, whispering, touching, tasting, stumbling, getting up.
With each scene, my exuberance mounts until I feel like I might float away like a helium balloon.

Then the clock stops. My turn at being human is over.

I say, “Wow! That was awesome. Can I do it again?”

I look up to my right and there’s a marquee, like you see outside a Broadway show.

The words on the marquee are “Only While I’m Human.”
The line under it reads, “Now’s our chance!”

If we were together over coffee today (probably at The Archive), I’d tell you that my sleeping dream has become my waking dream.

Only While I’m Human is a dream I now hold, and it’s a dream to:

  • make you stuff to celebrate and relish being human,
  • track the doings of you Darlings, and
  • spill secrets people might forget to tell you about the forces at play on this very wild and human ride.

Where’s it all headed? I’m not certain. This is a leap into the wild blue.

Now’s my chance, and I’m taking it.



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