Yes, That.

You know how you see someone get fired up over doing something they really love and it fires you up to do Your Own Thing with that much passion?

Robert Burridge is that to me. I’ve never met him, yet he is one of my go-to’s when I need a reminder to follow my heart and just do it my way. He used to be a super successful engineer and then he fell in love with painting. He is drunk on the love of it.

This isn't about painting, it's about panting (and I do mean pant) over something you love to do. I don’t snowboard but Chloe Kim inspires me to be a champion. I don’t sing, but Ben Howard steers me toward staying true to my own ways.

You may not paint, but Bob Burridge’s way of painting can remind us to dive into life, now, while we can.

Today I share with you one of my favorite Burridge videos. At about 1 minute 50 seconds you hear him begin to sigh, grunt, and fingernail his way into utter bliss.

Here's the link to his video:



P.S. Who inspires you like Burridge inspires me? I’d love to know and experience it, too. Email me at Thanks.


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