One day several years ago something came over me, and I suddenly I saw all of you as The Darlings of What Can Be. You became absolutely adorable to me. Some sort of magic dust coated my vision.

Is it a spell? Is it my age?
I don’t care what it is, I love it.

You know how puppies are irresistible no matter what?

That’s you, to me. (No, you’re not puppies and I’m really not a sentimental gusher, but This Thing has made its home in me and there’s no reason to ask it to leave.)

Am I blind to your stinkiness, meanness, and immaturities? Not for a minute. It’s just that even in the presence of it, you are adorable to me.

So of course I want what you want your turn at being human to be. This desire is what’s behind each thing I make for you, each story I track with you, and each secret I spill about the forces at play.

For now, I’m starting simple, with things you can hold, hang, and wear, like a T-Shirt that declares. “Only while I’m human can I, so I do.”

And the new design I just created, “Only while I’m human can I be this adorable, so I am.” (Let me know if you’d like us to put this on a shirt or mug.)

I hope you see your adorability in my eyes and feel it in my words and art, because as a human on this earth you get knocked around pretty bad and it’s easy to forget you are wonderful.



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