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“Now’s our chance!”

Hello, I’m Jan Black, a very experienced human and founder of Only While I’m Human.

In March of 2016, there I was, polishing off a wonderful career as an author and brand developer when I had this crazy cool dream that came with a title, like a movie: "Only While I’m Human." Its subtitle was "Now’s our chance."

Eighteen months later, the dream has taken this form.

Only While I’m Human is a design house that creates media and merchandise to orient us to this awkward, glorious trip to earth and to enrich our turn at being human.

Now’s my chance and I’m taking it.

It’s my chance to create like no one’s watching, side by side with other makers and thinkers because only while we’re human can we. So let’s.

I see you all as The Darlings of What Can Be, and you are the driving force and passion behind OWIH.



Only while we're human can we make things for you. So we do.

We’ve started with some things you can wear, hold, and hang. I design and write each one with you in mind, and it sweeps me away, as such things do.

Each statement is a reminder that life is to be noticed, tended, celebrated.

Be sure to check out the “Customize” page, because you can choose your own words and design. This is the way to get really specific for yourself or someone you’re gifting. Just choose what type of product you want, fill in the words you want, and choose your design. We do the rest and ship it to you.

Being human is temporary and as unnatural and confusing as it is amazing and miraculous. Life is a big dang deal and we are in it together.

Here at OWIH, we create merch and more to keep us mindful and celebrating.

This is the time of your life.

No one else's. Yours.




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